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No need for an appointment for nail clipping or grinding $10.00

Salon Services & Spa Packages:

The Palace offers 3 Everyday Pamper & Refresh Packages: 

  1. Superior Bath: (B&B) which is bath and nails
  2. The Mini-groom (B&B&B) which is the bath nails,ears pads
  3. The 4 Paw Spa: (full grooming)

We also offer many other salon & spa packages:

  • Puppy package under 5 months old
  • Relaxing Bubble Bath
  • Mini-spa Refresher either facial scrub or paw scrub
  • Faded to Fabulous
  • Ruff to Renewal
  • Heavenly Oatmeal
  • The Bow-Wow Blowout
  • The Four Claws Corner

Additional Services: 

  • All natural flea & tick bath
  • De-skunking
  • Forget-me-knots(dematting)
  • Spot on treatments
  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear plucking
  • Face & feet trim
  • Nail clipping& filing
  • Facials(removes staining)
  • Mud bath
  • De-shedding
  • Hypoallergenic conditioning treatment

Benefits of being an animal wellness Spa & Salon:

The Barking Palace believes that your best friend should have a peaceful & stress-free time while in our salon. We know that majority of pets get stressed when going to both the vet. & grooming salon; to help with this transition we use aromatherapy and music therapy. You may be asking yourself, why? Aromatherapy has long been known as a natural way of relieving both stress and anxiety. To relax and calm your pet and bring about a feeling of peace and contentment we use scents of lavender & rosemary. These scents bring about an incredible number of positive results for both mind & body.

In addition, music therapy, has great benefits; it promotes peace and relaxation . It is a soothing, calming intervention for animals and the people who love them.


We use only the best all natural grooming products for your beloved paws & claws. We use a select number of products that are high quality organic, hypo-allergenic, and alcohol free shampoos, conditioners, facial cleaners, and sprays. These are the products: EQyss, Paw Earth, and Spa.

Please stop into the salon for a full product list of services and prices!

Just a reminder on your first appointment please bring your current vaccinations papers from your vet.